About us

As a material, wood is something that is both alive and versatile, and only the best stabilized wood find their way into our workshop: a careful treatment exalt its lights and colours, whereas shapes are enriched by the artisan’s hands expertly carved to create soft and dynamic lines that can satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

What is our goal?

Ours is a constant search for creations that are always original and accessible, made with materials of the highest quality and skillfully crafted with passion and knowledge, giving life to something that is every time unique and irreplaceable.
We are also committed to provide a constant support service in order to satisfy every request with courtesy and professionalism, guaranteeing security and trust with your purchase.

Black one elite model made-in-italy
The artisan’s skill
and the artist’s immagination

Skillfully handcrafting all-natural materials in order to give life to unique works of art.

every day we build something new by following our instinct, giving life to works of art both precious and unique because of their beauty and technique.
We are “Vertigo Mods”, a small Italian enterprise born out of the will to offer creations that will be able to make a statement against the ordinary.

In the heart of the city of Bergamo, thanks to the creative spirit of the artisan master Michele Cuni, since 2015 our company has affirmed itself worldwide for the high level of its hand work and the quality of its products: each creation comes with a certificate of authenticity and is specifically numbered in order to guarantee its uniqueness.

Box Mod Certificata Ghost special elite model sculpted handcrafted
A VERTIGO is Forever

Being completely handmade, every Vertigo product is going to look different even though it may belong to the same series, resulting in unique shapes and colors.

The level of technique, just as much as quality, is crucial to my work: the sinuous and firm shapes not only express delicate feelings to the touch, but they also develop fluid and dynamic ergonomics able that are able to adapt to every hand. 

Only the best stabilised woods are chosen for my creations, depending on the craftsmanship of many artisans from all over the world. A material that is not just refined but also robust and light, wood’s intrigued waves are exalted by superior quality resins that dye it with ever-changing motives and colors.

Finally, the best technology in the field, from circuitry to custom-made components, is added to this formula and carefully inserted into the unique design that favours both efficiency and practicality.

We are proud of our work,
and with the same pride we welcome you to our site.

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