Our products are covered by a warranty under the following conditions

  • Warranty is valid for a term of 24 months from purchasing date.
  • The manufacturer commits itself to replace any malfunctioning component after a throughout control of the malfunctioning product.
  • The buyer is always charged for the return shipping costs in case of physical damages to the product, incorrect use not pertaining to the manual or after the warranty period has decayed.
  • During the warranty period, all the damaged replaced components will be kept as property by the manufacturer.
  •  if the product is modified without the manufacturer’s authorization or when the original owner gives up the ownership to another individual, the warranty automatically ends.
  • The warranty does not cover damage caused by excessive stress such as the continued use of the product after finding an anomaly, damages due to falling, damages due to incorrect cleaning and maintenance methods therefore not complying to the use and maintenance instructions.
  • The manufacturer takes no responsibility for any difficulties that may arise in the resale or use abroad due to the local laws in force where the product is sold.
  • In order for the product to be repaired when the warranty is still active, this must be delivered at the owner’s expenses to the manufacturer with a proof of purchase like an invoice or a payment confirmation, otherwise the damaged components will be replaced at the owner’s expenses. After the box is repaired,if the warranty is still valid the delivery back to the owner will be paid by the manufacturer.
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